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 Student and associate judges are expected to submit homework assignments to their designated mentor approximately every two months. Several examples of previous homework assignments are included below. Our goal is to support our students and associates as they build a broad base of orchid knowledge.

All judges are required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education annually.  For example, qualifying education credits can be earned by attending (whether in person or remotely) talks presented to the Pacific South Judging Center, talks at orchid conferences including the AOS Members Meetings, Orchid Digest presentations, talks hosted by orchid specialty groups focused on a particular genus,  and selected AOS webinars.   Examples of seven educational presentations to the Pacific South Judging Center are included below. 

Judging Cymbidiums for Cultural Awards


by George Hatfield

Judging Catasetinae: Part 1


by Fred Clarke

Judging Catasetinae: Part 2


by Fred Clarke

Judging Jensoa Cymbidiums


by Ken Jacobsen

Judging Novelty Phalaenopsis


by David Edgley

Judging Cattleya warscewiczii


by Linden Burzell

Judging Cattleya trianae


by Linden Burzell

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