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How to Enter a plant for judging

Follow the simple guideline below to enter your plant in for AOS Judging! If you have any questions, please e-mail the respective Judging Center Chair of the center you are exhibiting your plant at.

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Step 1

Find a Judging Center

Find the closest judging center to you! You can also check to see if there are any upcoming orchid shows in your area.

Step 2

Grooming and cleaning

You want your plants to look their very best at judging, so groom them carefully. 

  • Stake inflorescences early.  If you wait until the flowers are open, they may be twisted at an unnatural angle when staked upright.

  • Trim off any dead or brown foliage.  Lemon juice can remove calcium buildup, and rubbing with a tiny bit of whole milk on a paper towel will clean and shine the leaves.

  • Be sure there are no pests on your plant.

Grooming Plants.jpg
Entry Form.PNG

Step 3

Paperwork and Labels

Complete your entry ahead of time.  See the Instructions and Example for help.  Also, be sure to write your name, email address, physical address and phone number on the back of the entry.  If you have more questions, you can always ask the judges for help when you arrive.  All labels must be removed from the plant before it goes to judging.

Step 4

Pack and transport

Pack your plants very well for the transportation from your growing area to the judging center! We want to be sure we can judge your plants without damage.

Orchid Van.jpg
Donna Ballard  and Alex Maximiano.jpg

Step 5

Let us do the rest!

Bring your plant to the judging center and we will do the rest! After dropping off the plant, don't go too far! We will usually take a few hours to judge all the plants that were submitted but we will give you a call when we are done! If your plant is awarded, you will receive an emailed award invoice for $40 (AOS members) or $60 (nonmembers).  Your AOS Award Certificate will then be mailed to your physical address.

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