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About Us

Pacific South Judging Region

The Pacific South (PAC South) Judging Region was first established in 1955.  We normally judge monthly at four centers within our region: San Marino, San Diego, Long Beach, and Santa Barbara.  We also provide judging services for shows over the entire Southern California area, Arizona, and Southern Nevada, and outreach judging to orchid societies that would like to have a judging during their meeting, upon request. Usually, our events are open to all orchid growers ranging from hobbyists to nursery professionals, but currently, we have limitations on visitors because of the pandemic. Check our Judging Centers and Events sections for the most up-to-date information on judgings.

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A Message from
our region Chair

Phyllis Prestia_edited.jpg

Hi! I am Phyllis Prestia, Chair of the Pacific South Judging Region. I would like to personally welcome you to a place that I have called home for decades. We invite you to join us at our next judging whether it may be exhibiting a plant or learning how to become a judge. Our doors are open to all. As we always say, "Come for the orchids, stay for the friends". We hope to see you soon!

Phyllis S. Prestia

Pacific South Judging Region Chair

Pacific South
Center Chairs

Pacific South Judging Center Vice-Chairs, Officers and Directors

Pacific South Members

Accredited Judges

Augustine, Bryce
Augustine, Nancy
Ballard, Donna
Basilio, Lisa Marie
Beule, Carol
Brodie, Gayle
Burzell, Linden A.
Clarke, Fred
Coty, Cindy
Culbertson, Tim
Dobard, Michelle
Fang, Norman
Gum, Arnold
Haque, Thamina
Kelepecz, Betty
Lee, Marlyn
Lin, Peter T.
Overstreet, Doug
Pinkers, Arthur
Prestia, Phyllis
Rheinberger, Lori
Sloniker, Jim
Tall, Bev
Tam, Brandon
Tuskes, Ann
Tuskes, Paul
Viengkhou, Outhay

Associate Judges

Lopez, Jose Carlos
Nguyen, Vinh Huy
Soto, Rina
Velasco, Karla
Zhu, Jack

Emeritus Judges

Gripp, Paul
Hatfield, George
Muir, Karen

Senior Judges

Cooper, George
Cooper, Maureen
Heckeroth, William
Liebman, Howard
Mowlavi, Dory
Schmidt, Renate
Tillisch-Svoboda, Sandra

Student Judges

Alexander, John
Beer, Tom
Gomez, Jason
Loy, William (Bill)
Roberts, James
Snauwaert, Kenneth
Tse, William
Western, Jayson


Chungafung, Jenifer
DuBiel, Kevin
Mejia, Veronica
Reddrick, Kevin
Salehi, Sheewa

Retired Judges

Benzo, David
Champlin, Stephen
Kotsybar, Jim 
Mortenson, Robert 
Tatum, James
Wise, Edwi


Dubiel, Kevin

Gum, Arnold

Pinkers, Arthur

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