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2021 Annual Special Awards



I have created the ballot and prepared the 2021 Annual Special Awards images and Ballot.  The ballot is in a PDF format and Excel format.  You can use either one as is convenient for your personal set up. Just click the download buttons below for each of the three files.


The voting is for all personnel of the Pacific South Judging Center.  If you receive a ballot, you can submit your votes.


Voting Instructions:

          1. Open the 2021 Special Awards Images PDF.

          2. Open either the 2021 Awards Ballot PDF Format or Excel                        format. 

          3. After reviewing the images for each of the special Award                        categories, choose one as your vote. Once you have                              reviewed each special award that has options, please save it                  with your name attached.


When complete, send your votes to both Ann Tuskes ( and myself, by Friday night, July 22, 2022.


Due to our abbreviated judging, some of the categories do not have entries and are marked as such.


Please let me know if you have any questions.





Arthur Pinkers

Arthur Pinkers.jpg

2021 Special Awards Slides (PDF)

2021 Award Slides.PNG
PDF Special Awards 2021.PNG

2021 Special Awards Ballot (PDF)

2021 Special Awards Ballot (Excel)

Excel Special Awards.PNG
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